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High Roller Bonus Casinos – Get Bigger VIP Bonuses

Regular bonuses not enough for you? Then check out our selection of high roller bonuses. Our advertised offers come with big bonus amounts and high cashout limits. They’re perfect for players who are willing to deposit more cash than the average player.

If you’re still getting into the world of high roller bonuses, we’ll tell you how to find and claim more offers and how to use these bonuses to climb the VIP ranks at high roller casinos. Get started today by choosing your next high roller bonus with our top list of casinos that are known to be generous to their VIP members:

High roller bonuses

Best High Roller Casinos for 2022

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Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: INFINITE-VIP Get 350% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


NO CODE REQUIRED Get 350% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: ISLAND-VIP Get 325% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: COSMIC-VSO Get 310% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: ULTRA-VIP Get 220% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: VSO-VIP500 Get 230% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: VEGAS-VIP Get 300% up to $500
Bonus Type: High Roller


Bonus Type: High Roller


PROMO CODE: 40ACES Get up to 40% Bonus

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What are High Roller Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are usually designed to appeal to a range of budgets. For example, you can usually claim a welcome package by depositing anywhere between $10 and $100+. You’ll get a bonus that matches your payment. But high rollers, who are much bigger spenders than the average player, won’t be satisfied with most casino bonuses. That’s why gambling sites have special high roller bonuses that are much larger than their usual offers but require a much higher minimum deposit.

There are several types of high roller bonuses, but they all have one thing in common. Players who receive the virtual red-carpet treatment from a casino are more likely to stay loyal to the site and continue to wager on the demo olympus pragmatic.

While casinos often advertise their bonus deals for high rollers, sometimes a player who forms a relationship with the casino by betting big will be contacted and offered a VIP casino bonus. The offers vary from site to site, and from time to time.

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

The Different Types of High Roller Bonuses

A high roller bonus can be an alternative to a casino’s welcome package. But there are also other types of high roller bonuses, such as reload bonuses, exclusive cashback offers, free spins, and more.

  • Welcome Bonus: When it comes to welcome bonuses, high rollers will generally want a big deposit match. While some casino welcome packages can get quite large, high roller bonuses will have a special first deposit bonus for people who want more than what their standard bonus can offer.

  • Reload Bonus: Reload bonuses are a good deal for all casino players, but they tend to be smaller than the welcome bonuses which are more generous by design. It stands to reason that high rollers will want their own reload bonuses that are significantly higher than the typical bankroll boost.

  • Cashback Bonus: Typically, a casino will return 10% or so on any losses over a defined period, to a maximum of around 100.00. High rollers can often benefit from improved casino cashback deals, for example, claiming back 20% on any losses up to 1,000.00. These figures vary considerably between casinos.

  • VIP Bonus: VIP bonuses are reserved for players who pay their way to the top of a casino’s VIP program. Alternatively, they can get a special invitation by the casino. VIP players will get exclusive bonuses tailored to their bonus preferences and favorite demo olympus pragmatic.

How to Claim a High Roller Bonus

Finding and claiming a high roller casino bonus is quite easy. After all, casinos don’t want to make it difficult for big-spending players to sign up to these offers. Assuming a player has the funds to deposit and qualify for a VIP casino bonus, there are just a few simple steps to follow -

How to Become a Casino VIP Member

It’s fine to claim a few high roller bonuses here and there. But if you want a steady stream of exclusive bonuses and additional perks, you’ll want the casino you’re signed up with to recognize you as one of their VIPs. There are two main ways to make this happen.

The first is to climb up a VIP program. This is usually separate from a loyalty scheme, which focuses on smaller rewards, such as comp points, for players’ activity. A VIP program can start at low tiers, and usually anyone can join. In fact, most members are automatically enrolled into the casino’s VIP program. However, the more you deposit and the play, the more you will climb up the ranks and unlock bigger rewards.

The second way is to get an invitation from the casino after they track your depositing behavior. The VIP perks may not be advertised on site, but you can always message customer support to see how exclusive of an experience you can get.

As a VIP you can expect exclusive high roller bonuses. Often, you will be assigned your own personal support agent who will offer you bonuses that aren’t available on the casino site. But other perks can include increased cashout limits and flexible depositing limits. As you establish a relationship with the casino you can even be offered real life prizes, such as invitations to events around the world.

How to Become a Casino VIP Member

The Benefits of High Roller Bonuses

Potential high rollers might think, ‘what are the benefits to claiming such bonuses? Is this just a way for me to spend more money?’ The short answer is that if you’re looking for an exclusive casino experience, high roller bonuses offer you a foot in the door. They’re designed to ensure you build a solid relationship with a casino. Plus, these are solid bonuses that can land you big winnings.

The Terms & Conditions of High Roller Bonuses

Any casino bonus will come with certain terms and conditions. High rollers can often get preferential terms to make them feel more valued as customers, and if a player has a close enough relationship with the casino, the conditions can get even better. However, there are a few that you should be aware of before claiming a high roller casino bonus.

  • Wagering Requirements

    Bonuses need wagered several times over before you can cash out your winnings. Sometimes a casino will have different wagering requirements for their high roller bonuses. These are usually higher than standard bonuses but can be lower if the casino wants to strike a good reputation with their high rollers.

  • Maximum Bonus

    The value of the high roller bonus is likely to be capped at a certain level. This is usually very high for VIP players, but even here, the casino will need to have some kind of limit, just in case someone opens an account with millions of dollars.

  • Maximum Cashouts

    Some bonuses will have limits on the maximum cashout available. However, casinos will generally lift these limits for high rollers. Once you meet other terms and conditions, such as wagering turnover requirements, most of the time you can cash out all your wins.

  • Game Availability

    It’s common for some demo olympus pragmatic to contribute more to turnover than others, or for bonus funds to only be eligible across certain types of demo olympus pragmatic. It could be that only slots, or live dealer demo olympus pragmatic count, but again, this will vary from site to site.

  • Maximum Betting Limits

    High roller bonus casinos may impose a maximum bet level, but it will be set very high, if at all. As long as the funds and bonus credits are available in their account, VIP players can generally stake whatever they want.

  • Payment Method Restrictions

    Sometimes, you will only be able to claim a bonus with specific payment methods. When possible, casinos will lift these restrictions for players receiving high roller bonuses, giving you more options to claim your next offer.

  • Bonus Activation

    Certain time limits may apply. Players who collect a high roller bonus may need to activate it within 24 – 48 hours or so. Again, this varies considerably at different casinos, and customers will need to check out the terms and conditions before claiming their bonus money.

How we Select the Best High Roller Casinos

We’re very careful about which online casinos we recommend. Our selected casinos have gone the extra mile to make sure that anyone who claims a high roller bonus gets the exclusive experience they are looking for.

But they are also safe, reliable casinos that meet important criteria. We reviewed all these sites and can assure you that they have checked the following boxes:

High Roller Bonus Casino FAQs

A high roller casino bonus is a special deal offered only to players who make substantial deposits and play with higher stakes. It’s a way to show customers how much the site appreciates them.

Follow our links to the carefully selected sites. We’ve done the work and found the online casinos with the best deals for high rollers.

High roller bonuses are usually worth far more than regular welcome bonus deals and can include extras that are not available to most other customers making smaller deposits.

A loyalty scheme is usually available to all members and it rewards them with comp points when they wager at the casino. A VIP program can be open to all members too, but the biggest perks are only available to high rollers. Some VIP programs are invitation-only.

The first step is to find your preferred bonus from our site. Then join the site through our page and you’ll be taken to a landing page where you can easily sign up and deposit to claim your bonus.

It’s a way to thank their most valued players for their continued custom and loyalty. A high roller bonus ensures that a VIP knows they are appreciated and will continue to play there.

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