A music genre made up of songs heavy origins or basis in fan communities, such as those for anime. A large portion of this genre is made up of J-Pop.
My buddy: “The hell is that”
Me: “Otacore. It’s basically anime music”
by moshpitfuneral December 6, 2019
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An adult male who responds after a divorce usually initiated by the woman, with either a mental or physical crisis resulting in fits of quick anger, moodiness or buying of expensive items to compensate for his insecurity or sadness. He may also try to hit on much younger girls that are out of his league because he is going through a midlife crisis and wants to please his ego
Hey yo, why did Greg just throw a tantrum when I started talking about Mary and I going out on our 5 year anniversary vacation together?”

“Idk but it’s giving off major divorced dad energy”
by Bob the KillBillder October 10, 2022
a microwave owen. Word invented in Wales for simplicity.
The popty ping has popped the popcorn.
by Jaran May 6, 2008
A grilled cheese with a slice of cheddar and a slice of mozzarella. Silas' favorite sandwich in the show Weeds. And, with that in mind, an absolutely delicious snack to have when you're stoned, as it is even more extraordinary than the original grilled cheese.
I've got the munchies real bad -- go tell your mom to make us some cheddarellas.
by 11inchwilly October 4, 2011
A dick that's too big to take on a daily basis, but makes for good vacation sex. Bigger than a boyfriend dick.
Shawn's got a total vacation dick. That's why all the girls have him as their sidedick.
by HungryDrummer April 14, 2016
Also can be known as a compass kiss North (forehead), East (right cheek), South (chin), west (left cheek) is when you kiss all four “corners” of the face. It is usually placed on the Forehead, cheeks and chin. It doesn’t have to be limited to just those places, but just as long as there is a kiss on a separate section of the face, it qualifies as a four corner kiss.
Person 1: I love it when I cuddle with my bf and he gives me a 4 corner kiss. I literally melt

Person 2: oh my god I’m so fucking jealous please stop being a happy couple
by Imaginebeingsleepy November 25, 2022
A shorter version of the phrase 'charge it to the game'

To just accept what has happened and move on.
by the legend2772727772777 August 18, 2022