A nihilistic upper-class male who cares of nothing but material possesions, looking flawlessly handsome, and making absurd amounts of money. One bateman is rarely distiguishable from another due to the fact that they wear similar clothes and all sport the same chic haircut. Batemans are inherently violent, usually on a combination of booze, coke, and/or pills, and are above the law... so beware.
"Have you met nick's brother chad?"
"The one that works on Wall Street? yeah...that guy is a total fuckin bateman.
by Matthew Benedetti April 29, 2007
When you point and admire yourself in the mirror while you are having sex. A reference to what Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale did a scene from the movie American Psycho.
Last night i pulled The Bateman when i was having sex with my girlfriend
by Steve Led February 14, 2011
"The Bateman" is a cocktail made up on the spot at parties.

Made by getting the biggest container available (usually a vase or jug) and you pour in any alcoholic beverages you have at your disposal.

The end result can be either really nice, or really nasty - it just depends what you poured in.
"Hey, Doug, what is that you're drinking out of that vase?"

"This? Oh, it's The Bateman!"

"Is it good?"

"Hell yeah!"
by GBateman August 23, 2008
While doing her doggy you find a mirror in the room in which you can see yourself. Put a nasty porn look on youre face and flex youre muscles, just before you smack her ass to make her feel more like a cheap whore:)
Man just before I gave her the amazing double cum i pulled a bateman on her.. beyond her embarresment, i could see she loved it.
by Geej May 16, 2005
This is a verb used to describe the action of getting wasted, blowing a whistle and then pulling a random. This can gain respect but often involves getting a hangover and sleeping with a girl looking slightly like a mishapen horse
Oh I can't believe you were batemaning last night!
by Alex1234567 July 23, 2006
A formal name for a batty boy or a batty man.

Usually used for jokes, such as filling in forms.

Taken from the Latin Batemonus, meaning Incompetent/lack of effort, It has come to mean a general slob who commits himself to a job but then never follows through.
E.G. Person 1 "My coach is a right Bateman!"
Person 2 : "For show! he doesn't even watch your matches, or whatever?!"
by Lytollismeister January 23, 2011
A definition mainly limited to North-Western England (specifically Carlisle), "Bateman" is a male of legendary status in the lady pulling department. From "Daniel Baty" or "Bateman", whos record pulls in the 2005-2006 season are unlikely to ever be bettered. The male in question usualy also has a MILF for a mother.
"Look at that, another bird hes pulled. hes such a Batemanator"
by monkeybutler June 4, 2007