Usually a last name... Very kind and hard working. Successful in life, takes care of family. {Loving}
Boss: you did great today!
Burke: Thank you boss.
Boss: Your welcomes me Mr.Burke :)
by Kryptonexc May 3, 2017
Can you guys like stop bullying my name i'm despreate
by Burkedefensesquad February 13, 2021
When you’re so big words cannot describe just how extremely humungous you are. Some may describe you as a whale because it is VERY hard to tell the difference between a burke and a giant blue whale.
by kwarrxn April 11, 2021
(v) When one person punches another person in the face for no apparent reason.
He addressed me by m last name. No one does that to me, so walked over and "Burked" him.
by CO Mountain Goat November 28, 2020
To throw up at a party with the ultimate outcome of ruining the party.

"Did Kevin just burke it?"
"Yeah, I think he just burked it."
"What a bitch."
by Nikka May 15, 2006
The act of showing up for class with prior knowledge of an upcoming test without studying and proceeding to take the test blindly.
John- " Did you study for today's test?"

Sam- "Nah, I'm Burking it."
by The Junk Munkie November 29, 2008