1. Abbreviation for Pennsylvania.
2. Abbreviation for Personal/Production Assistant
3. Alternate spelling of "paw," which is slang for "Dad"
1. I live out in PA.
2. I do mostly PA work on sets.
3. Hey pa, why you always yellin at ma?
by Doug Youg December 16, 2008
Abbreviation for Pennsylvania.
The individual letters are pronounced seperately, not mixed like a word.
I won't be back from Pittsburgh PA until tuesday.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
Parental Advisory. A sticker put on CDs advising parents to buy this record, because their children will like it.
Hey, it says Parental Advisory on the label, so it must be good.
by bluhbluhbluhbluhbluh December 9, 2009
In the Megaman Battle Network series it meas

program advance and it is when Lan the main character in most of the Megaman Battle Network series downloads a series of chips to Megaman to create a more powerfull attack.
Lan: Megaman battle chip in download:
Megaman creates the PA Lifesword and takes the shit out of the virus.
by BeliveInThe Legend(Link) August 19, 2010
Her name was announced over the PA
by A Humphrey February 26, 2006
Abreviation for Prince Albert, the most famous male genital piercing.

PA piercing....really does hurt, but worth it
by Fredmtl November 26, 2005
an acronym standing for "player appearance," it has come to refer to the look of any person, thing, or act, on or off of a sports field. the only positive adjective that may be used with the word PA is 'sick'
Dustin Pedroia has sick PA.
JD Drew has terrible PA.

Ron Jeremy has sick hair PA.

That guy over there has sick limping PA.

Listen man, we talked about it and we all agree: you have terrible girlfriend PA. get rid of her.
by Sultan of PA March 29, 2009