Andres is a male who is most commonly reffered to as 'Cute'. Doesnt Like to fight because there would be no point in winning a battle that shouldnt have happened His Good Looking Attributes Make Andres Stand Out From The Rest. Andres Has a sense of humor that would make most girls fall for him. His Hugs are one of a kind and his kissed are the holy grail of the twentieth century. Hate isnt in his vocabulary and is an immense lover. He isnt much for Romace but he sure knows how to steal a girl from someone. He's a smart man who enjoys messing with people. He Has Strong Intentions For Making Friends And An Amazing Talent For The Arts (Literature, Music, instruments, and painting). Whenever he finds a mating partner he will usually mess up somehow but in a simple way he will care for his girl above most things. Andres is a one of a kind person who should not be given up for. You will not meet more than one Andres in your life.
'Wow That Andres Fellow Was Really Cute! I Wish I Had His Number!'

'Andres Impresses me in his way of artistic sense'
by Civil_Hipocrosy May 31, 2015
A amazing person who gives the most amazing hugs that will give care for no matter what, he’ll be an amazing boyfriend ♥️ Who will make you laugh 24/7 and the girls will definitely fall for him
Girl: OMG look at Andres i wish he was mine
by Mairi Ann March 9, 2019
THE most determined sun of a gun out there who never stops for trolls on the road and works his ass off towards his goals. Soon to be famously known as a world renounced boxer who kicks some real ass in the ring, so don't waste your time trynna pick a fight w him. Not also that but he's an extremely focused and ambitious person who makes a heck of a good friend no doubt!💪🏼
"Andres is the toughest guy I've ever met!!"
"Yo did you see Andres just walk past us?!!"
"Andres is the bestest friend I've ever met!"
by Neztor August 15, 2016
1. Super sexy guy who is wanted by everybody. Is the nicest guy you will ever meet, has a great sense of humor, is a lot of fun, is extremely talented and loved by everyone. Makes an amazing boyfriend.

2. Name that comes from Hispanic origin. Meaning "brave" or "courageous."
Linda: Do you know Andres?
Hildeguard: Yes, hes perfect.
Linda: I know, right! I wish he was mine.
Hildeguard: Me, too.
by cacaafacee December 22, 2014
A spicy, hot, delicious man. A very unique guy, he will always makes a girl laugh her heart out and fall in love instantly. He has an amazing smile and braces. The most important thing is that if the world were without Andres, it would be as if the world were without the sun.
From where Andres is sitting, it could be the centre of the Universe!
by Dan Sing April 7, 2015
A Hispanic name. Usually some one you can trust, but never want to piss off due to how fucked up they could be.
Fight Andres! Fuck that! He would slit my throat
by TheUndergroundShade May 7, 2016
Andres are people who will always have your back unless they deem the situation not worth the risk. So if you have an Andres and you are trying to do something risky with a %50 chance of getting caught, don't expect them to be sticking around. Andres are also people who are willing to try almost everything, but depending on your kind of Andres they might not do something involving heights.

Andres are very observant, they analyze extensively and can make quick decisions in intense situations.

Don't mess with an Andres, they can appear sweet and sincere to an innocent bystander creating a ruckus but the next minute all hell can break loose.

Andres are brilliant even when they don't believe it, they have a million things to say but are resigned to their own thoughts, so if you get one talking be prepared for a long yet stimulating conversation.

Andres love their family, we are talking love as in 'die for' love. Not to mention when they are in love with someone, now thats a beautiful thing to behold. Andres are devoted and caring lovers, they always seek to improve for their lovers and try their best to satisfy and appreciate their partner. Though they are perfect in their lovers eyes they feel the need to be better, which isn't a negative mind set but it means their lover will be telling them they are perfectly Andres enough for them.
"That guy is such an Andres."
"Why do you say that?"
"He's so amazing! that's why!"

"Andres really had my back last night."
"why what happened?"
"He told me to stop being a fucking idiot and I listened!"
by The leaping snail January 3, 2017