The annoying thing the teacher says when someone is talking when they happen to be explaining something.
Person 1 (whispering): Hey person 2, when is the assignment du-
Everybody: *sigh*
by BigFatDuck January 22, 2020
When everything is going well but one person says/does something to change everything
"Yo boys let's get rowdy tonight!" "Naah man, gotta do this assignment." "BRO WHY YOU ALWAYS GOTTA COMPETIZE?"

"Yo we still getting sushi today as we agreed 3 years ago?" "Naah sorry guys today is hot yoga day" "STOP COMPETIZING LIKE A LITTLE BITCH."
by rslslsl November 28, 2015
The art of performing a simple or non-simple task without fucking everything up
Our college notes were written by someone who clearly hasn't got competence
by SaucerPilot May 4, 2016
Having the skill and knowledge needed for a particular task; capable.
Any competent lawyer can draw up a will.
by Larstait November 11, 2003
Being able to do things well.
Donald wasn't competent at business. He went bankrupt thrice.
by Ereck Flowers July 2, 2016
To give it your all and know you didn't leave anything on the field.

To play through the pain, and never give up.

Always compete, and never quit.
by Crazy Soccer Playa December 9, 2005
Derek is competional when it comes to winning demo olympus pragmatic.
by Nigfish May 24, 2011