"To dish" is a verb that loosely means "to rant" It is generally used in informal settings and is less forceful than "to bitch" but is more forceful than "to discuss."
I called up Jake because I wanted to dish about the football game.
by jt1234567890 January 3, 2016
"She's a real dish."
by x January 31, 2003
Eric Snow dished off a pass to Allen Iverson for the layup.
by DI August 15, 2003
Big news (bigger than a scoop)
You slept with how many people last night? Gimmie the dish, sista!
by Spyrochaete November 16, 2003
A clever observation used as an insult. A burn. Derived from the idea that the person doing the insulting is serving up a fresh plate of wit on your ignorant self. Providing much-needed intellectual sustenance for someone who is logically malnourished.
"That guy thinks he's the beard master but he looks like he's got pubes on his face"

by Andrew Tolson October 1, 2005