frot, tribadism, dry humping, or any other no-penetration body grinding done with or without clothes in public or in private
Oh the delicious frottage! I'm still tender all over.
by annonymous July 10, 2004
To induce a sexual pleasure by applying one's body to another's. The process may occur in an undulating motion or during general perambulation. The process is especially popular at music concerts and at night clubs see moshing.

Frottage is often referred to as Dry Humping.
by 609online September 22, 2003
The act of humping another person through both of your clothing. Often used by lesbian lovers as well as straight people at clubs.
"Hey Jim, did you go to the club last night?"
"Yeah, I was overwhelmed by frottage, everyone was so horny!"
by --Meatwad-- November 23, 2004
The sacred 'art' of Frot or Frotting.
The practice of Frottage has become popular due to the increasing public awareness of STD's and increasing overcrowding of public transport.
by GTOld June 1, 2005
to rub your clothed body against another person for sexual pleasure, without their knowledge
I was on the train and it was packed and I was able to frottage myself senseless from London to Sheffield
by Alphakennywun February 18, 2003
sex with your clothes on
Even though both were fully clothed, he got on top of his girlfriend and engaged in frottage with her by grinding and gyrating his crotch on her till he ejaculated in his pants.
by Orange County California February 2, 2015