a way of playing football, with very fast and short passes.
invented by football journalist andres montes describing spain national team tactics.
tiki taka and spain wins
by cetopi July 8, 2010
A way of playing football, which is very rapid and contains short passes. This way of playing is often connected with teams as Barcelona.
There is not tiki taka in Denmark, Petter.
Go to bed.
by Hgs42 November 23, 2019
The most annoying shit you will ever see made by the spanish that involves making quick and short passes to keep possesion that has a nice ring to the name but is the most shittiest and annoying thing you will ever see the cunts do
Xavi: lets do tiki taka

Me: How did u get in my house
by Myyotic April 20, 2022
A style of football where you receive the ball and pass the ball at 100% accuracy and not allowing your opponent to have any possession.
First developed by Johan Cruyff and mastered by FC Barcelona from 1991-2013
Look at how they pass the ball back and forth! They’re not allowing the opponents to get any possession on the pitch, this is tiki taka.
by FlamingAstro December 7, 2022
A style of play involving highly accurate short passing of a female between two men during sexual intercourse with both men putting emphasis on their possession of the girl
Male: “Tiki Taka?”
Female: “Yes
*initiates tiki taka*
by Polnman March 7, 2021