How do I even start about Anneliese? Anneliese is a smart and incredible girl. She is like a sister to you. She makes you smile, and laugh when your sad, and helps you will your problems. She is amazing inside and out, and always will be. She will never let you down or leave you no matter what, she’ll be there for you. She gives you food when your dying of starvation and talk to you at 6 in the morning if she has to. Make sure you get a best friend like Anneliese.
Anne is an amazing friend!
by @yellow! November 2, 2019
It is slurr for ginger haired people
Hey you ginger! Weewoe!”
*ginger cry’s*
by Eve Mcloud November 1, 2020
I ran into this girl’s dad and all I could think about was she let me touch her bathing suit parts (bsp)
by CrustyA June 30, 2018
Iam from Glasgow and it means a young scumbag, council house, non educated, white shell suit (fake designer gear) usually a fake tan although the furthest they have ever been is jail. from the word rob there granny for a drink
a wee ned was seen drinking buckfast up a lane
by Clive October 8, 2003
A book worm a person who loves the arts is very scarstic and get bored easily always complain when things dont go they're way gloomy acting needs to think outside the box
Mom I wanna go to wrestling practice
Sry we have to go to grandma house
I dont wanna go there I hate it there gloomy nahiem
by Ghetto2016 December 28, 2016
Catchall term for wholesome kids who don some sort of subculture garb and slightly adopt an "alternative" lifestyle (skater gear, punk-ish music) in order to win over new recruits to Christianity.
Patrick Fugit's character in the movie "Saved" is a skateboard Christian
by Squeentips June 15, 2009